Branding and Web Design that shares your


in one beautiful done-for-you package.

What story are you telling the world with your current brand and website?
Hint: it’s probably not the real one…

Hey there, high-achiever, I see you!

You’ve been doing this whole entrepreneurship thing for quite a while now.  You’re a thought-leader, you’re influencial, and you’re making some serious waves in your industry.  You’re busy!  

But you’re still holding on to that old, outdated website and (lack-of) branding that makes you look a bit, amatuer…

Stop, and think about that for a moment…

Now that you’ve got several years under your belt, and clarity around your services and offerings, you need a solid, professionally designed platform that accurately and efficiently shares your truth, your vulnerabilities, and your brilliance.   You’ve got a LOT of eyes on you, and you need a solid brand and website that drives home everything that you stand for, and gives your audience what they desire:
a place to learn more about you and the opportunities available to work with you.

Isn’t it time to give your audience what they’re craving? 

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I specialize in transformational branding and web design for purpose-driven entrepreneurs; both local and online. My natural super power is being able to dig deep into your back-story and pull out the underlying message of all that you want to convey, then I turn it into a beautiful work of art, through your brand visuals, your online presence and your physical reality.

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“Sarah has an unbelievable way of hearing what we want to see and turning it into a reality when we don’t have the words to say it. I remember at one point Sarah asked us what color family we had thought about and with silence, she responded with ‘okay, what feelings do you want to evoke when someone comes to your website?’ BOOM. Nailed it. It’s as close to perfect as possible.”

~ Rachel & Kyle Wright at Wright Wellness Center

“Being a very hands-on person, I wanted to make sure my branding partner really understood what I was looking for. Well, I could not be happier of my experience working with Sarah! She totally got me and my brand and the result is absolutely spot on. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then Sarah’s the branding expert you need!”

~ Catherine Orer at The Artist Entrepreneur


A natural born entrepreneur, passionate supporter of small business, self-care enthusiast, lover of beauty, and recovering perfectionist, I help ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners get “unstuck” from their current brand and website overwhelm. Learn more about me here.


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