The Life Changing Magic of “Day Rates”

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In this FREE masterclass, you will learn:

✔️ What a Day Rate actually is, and the type of client who this offer is perfect for.

✔️ The 5 Essential Pillars of a successful one-day intensive business model.

✔️ My 3-part “sweet spot” formula to create an irresistible Day Rate offer.

✔️The correct way to calculate your “rate”, so you can plan your entire year in advance, and know exactly how many days you need to work and how much freedom you’ll have (and no, it’s not just your hourly rate multiplied by the hours of your intensive).

✔️Behind the scenes peek at my revenue, and how I consistently earn over $10K per month doing just 4-5 intensives per month – and how that freedom has allowed me to create additional revenue streams bringing in another $10K+ per month.

— PLUS —

Receive FREE access to my 3-Step Training Series, Validate Your Day Rate, that will help you validate if the one day intensive model is right for your business!

If you’ve ever wondered if a Day Rate business model is right for your design or done-for-you service business, then you’re not going to want to miss this masterclass!