You hung up your corporate badge, in exchange for a “new” life, at home raising your adorable offspring to be responsible, smart and independent citizens of the world. After years of sleepless nights followed by the naptime struggle, potty-training, snacking on leftover goldfish and planning playdates, you’re officially a pro at this parenting thing. 

But maybe, like me, you still had that burning desire to be, do and give more, outside of your conventional role as a mom.

So you started a business!

You figured out that thing that you’re passionate about, and you figured out a way to make money doing it.

This is gold!

Slowly but surely, friends and family told their friends and family, and the sales started coming in.
Real people saw value in your work, and were picking up what you were throwing down. 
Suddenly, you were rocking this business thing – it was actually working!

Fast forward to today – you’ve got a business that you’ve spent months (or maybe years) building.
You’re a dedicated, passion-driven entrepreneur, and you’re making a name for yourself.
You have amazing clients & raving fans who want to tell the world about you.
Hell, YOU want to tell the world about you!

But shameful as it may be, you’ve got a major case of comparisonitis that you just can’t shake. 
Your competitor’s branding… her website… her graphics… they’re all so damn pretty and perfect! 
Maybe you’d heard about those “easy” plug & play website builders, so you tried the DIY route,
or maybe you cashed in on every favor owed to you from family, friends and your inner circle. 

But try as you might, your brand and website (or lack thereof) still screams amateur.


Girl, there’s no better time than now!

  • Time for you to show up, and stand out as the expert that you are with raving testimonials and a showcase of your work.
  • Time to have a brand and website that works for you, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.
  • Time to stop hustling so. damn. hard… 
  • Time to turn your passion into a powerful profit-producing machine, with a brand and website that fits you like a glove, and that you are proud to share with your fans!

And I’m here to help you do just that!

The work I offer my clients is the result of 12+ years of business and branding expertise that is equal parts:


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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but working with a worldwide clientele stretching from New York to New Zealand, I specialize in designing online brands that are timeless, refined, and professional. My aesthetic is best described as clean and modern, with a hint of femininity. I love white space, organic textures, mixing light neutrals with bold text, and adding in a touch of the unexpected.

With over 12 years of online business, branding and web design experience, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and an extensive entrepreneurial history, I truly bring an extra boost of business and branding savvy to every project I take on. With an optimistic and down to earth personality, and a can-do attitude, my mission is to actualize visions and dreams, one entrepreneur at a time.

You can find me working most weekdays, along with early mornings and occasional evenings, but my weekends are reserved for family time.  I’m committed to maintaining a healthy balance of work and personal life, so that I am able to enjoy the special moments with my husband, our four boys & our sweet pup, Mabel. We love the outdoors (especially the mountains), music, sports & mostly doing “boy” things…


Here’s a glimpse into my world…

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