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I loved knowing the cost upfront and I love knowing I would have your full attention and when my projects would be done. The site is stunning and I am grateful I will have help over the next month with questions that come up! Thank you for everything! You made this so easy and fun!

Amy Egizii

You are incredibly talented and I especially loved that at the end of it all I had LIVE website. It was the biggest relief ever and hands down THE BEST web design experience I have ever had….and sadly I’ve had several.

Renee Schreibman

I think you have “nailed it” when it comes to web design. I felt involved in the process, while also confident to have an expert executing on the changes. It was so quick! The day flew by, but I had fun watching the site come to life. You were also very attentive to feedback, and I didn’t feel nervous to make a suggestion or ask to fix something.

My favorite part was when my co-founder came into the office, and I clicked refresh on the site and he was excited about how awesome it looked. My other favorite part was at the very end, we made just a few final changes (which you turned around in seconds!) and it was like BAM it’s done!

Sarah Merkle

I think we got excellent results. I was really glad that we worked closely together to pull together a new brand that really feels like me. I was a little surprised by how much back and forth there was, and how patient you were! 😉 – I loved being so close the process, though! 

Jana Osofsky