Is your business warm and cozy like a fall day wrapped in your favorite blanket?

Or is it sophisticated and classic like a perfectly accessorized little black dress?

Maybe your brand is sun, sand and salty air like a warm day at the shore…

How do you translate your “vibe” into something that can be seen, tasted, smelled, heard and felt by your audience?

The vision for your captivating brand does not happen on its own, and is so much more than just a pretty logo.

Let’s explore your purpose, and craft a vision unique to who you are, and what you do. Let’s set the goals and must haves, and build the foundation of what you want to convey; a compelling brand that oozes your personality, your professionalism and your message straight to the heart and eye of your audience.

Tap into my decade of marketing and design expertise, where we will create branding that you love; branding that is effective and branding that tells your story.

Together, we’ll dig deep into the heart of your business, uncover your authentic message & elevate your image through a captivating, compelling and cohesive brand design.

When you work with Bracken House Branding Company, you’ll get a branding package that stimulates ALL the senses, in a cohesive and meaningful manner.


Let’s get to the heart and soul of your brand story. Following your completion of the branding workbook, we’ll have a live call during which we’ll explore your purpose, your values, your mission, your why & so much more.  We’ll hone in on your ideal client, your purpose, brand vision, website and marketing strategy.  We’ll go deep, and discover what you’re all about, and how you want to show up for your audience.


How do you want your clients to feel when they experience your branding? Using our discovery session findings and your optional Pinterest board, I’ll create a mood board that will convey those feelings, to be sure we are aligned with the brand vision.


Your logo will ultimately become the recognizable symbol that will connect all the dots of your visual brand. Following a series of concepts and revisions, you’ll receive a custom designed logo, a favicon and an alternate logo for your various marketing needs.


As part of the experience, we’ll pick out a perfectly aligned color palette and fonts that represent your authentic brand. You’ll receive print & web color codes and details on where to download or purchase your fonts.

Brand Style Guide.

Confused about how to move forward with your fabulous new branding? The Style Guide is used to show you how all of your brand elements work together to create a unified, cohesive look and feel design.

Finally, your Brand Collateral!

Once we’ve completed all of your brand identity elements, we’ll get to work designing your business cards (you’ll receive 1000 full-color, double sided, printed cards at no extra charge), PLUS one extra collateral item of your choice.  Choose from a photo shoot style guide, set of 3 social media templates or website graphics, a single page PDF flyer, postcard or menu, podcast cover art and ebook cover design.  Please inquire about other options.

This package is for you if:

  • You have a solid business model that is generating consistent revenue, but your current brand isn’t aligned with what you do
  • You are an experienced entrepreneur and you appreciate what it means to have a cohesive, professional brand design
  • You are a visionary with creative ideas about your business, but you need a designer who can intuitively bring that vision to life
  • You desire more than just a client/designer relationship; you want a collaborative designer who views you as a partner
  • You fully understand that a well thought out brand strategy, is essential to creating recognition and know, like and trust factors
  • You are ready to commit to your business dreams and goals, and make the investment into having your own authentic brand

Timeline & Investment:

You will receive a dedicated 3-week time-slot once your deposit is paid. I only take 1 or 2 clients during each time slot, depending on scope of work, which means you’ll receive my dedicated attention and support during our time working together. You will have some important preliminary homework to complete.  It is imperative that homework be completed prior to your project start date, and that you are available for all feedback and design reviews through the project duration.

The project cost will depend on several variables and the actual scope of work. Please click on the link below to be taken to my client application page.

A 50% deposit is required to hold space in my calendar. The remaining balance is due upon completion.