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Thanks for your interest in my design services. I’m not currently taking new design clients, as all of my energy has been shifted to my students and coaching clients, but if you are a previous client, please send me an email.

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Pretty incredible what Sarah can do in a short amount of time!

I loved it! It was incredible to start the day with nothing and end the day with a real live brand with 2 logos, a style guide, templates AND a freebie all designed around my brand words and colors I like.

Pretty incredible what Sarah can do in a short amount of time. I’m excited to get to work with her on my website and sales page!

~ Laurie Wright at Not Your Average Grandma

Even better than I dreamed!

Thank you SO much for all of your amazing work during our Book Me For A Day session! Being able to see my brand in a tangible form – even better than I dreamed – is your genius <3

~ Nicole Cheri Oden at Nicole Cheri Oden

It now feels fun & easy!

Can I say that Sarah is AMAZING?! I tend to be all over the board with things (Squirrel!), and I needed someone to help capture my passion while giving me guidelines to follow to make sure I would be consistent going forward.

I learned so much working with Sarah one-on-one! Now, when I sit down to create content, it’s fun and easy. It feels comfortable and natural like my favorite pair of jeans. I don’t wonder if what I’m doing is right or wrong because now I know. There’s a huge amount of freedom in that knowledge, and it relieves a lot of pressure. We have enough stress as entrepreneurs, removing the burden of not fully understand branding has been a game-changer for me.

~ Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Midlife to Best Life

It was just what I needed!

“It was amazing. I was nervous about the logo part, but since we had talked about the purpose of the brand and I had a mood board, we could come back to the look and feel, why I wanted it, why it should go in a certain direction. And then once we finalized the logo and the colors the rest was just fun – figuring out how to play with it and watching Sarah put the pieces together to create the different images for various uses.

I honestly can’t wait until I am ready to book you for my next brand. This one is smart and professional and just what I need right now. I know with the next one I will be freer to create something that is for a passion project and is just what I want it to be.”

~ Alicia Eichmann, Eichmann Consulting

It's gorgeous and I'm very satisfied!

Thanks Sarah! I LOVE what you’ve created for me. The site is elegant, clear, beautiful, and on brand. Thank you! It’s gorgeous and I’m very satisfied!”

~ Lauren Archer at Lauren Archer

The experience was exceptional!

The experience of building my website with you was exceptional. You have a clear, streamlined way of doing things that makes it so easy to follow and to communicate with each other, even being in different states.

My favorite part was seeing the end result and how easy the experience would be for visitors to my site.

I would highly recommend you to friends!

~ Marci Wilkinson at Family Legacy Connections

Wondering why I completely pivoted my business model in 2018 and why this is the only way I work with design clients now?

I’m happy to explain! I’ve been designing brands and websites for over a decade, and it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of 2, 4, 6, 12 and even 52-week projects – often ending in frustration by either myself, my client, or all parties involved.

Let’s be real. No one wants to wait around for their project to be finished, and every client deserves 1st class treatment.

As most designers can attest to, however, it can be really frustrating to set a project timeline, only to be thrown off schedule when feedback isn’t prompt, or there is a delay in receiving copy, images or other necessary requirements.

So to fill the gaps and empty space, we book more clients. But then client #1 is ready, and before we know it, we’re juggling a half dozen clients in a week, and we feel like we’re letting everyone down, and getting nothing accomplished.

I think we can all agree that it sucks when this happens, and it’s definitely not how I want to run my business.

When we work together for a day, it’s imperative that you show up to the day prepared with everything I’ll need in order to make it a success, and I set aside a full day dedicated to YOU, and only you.

We are so much more efficient than if we spread the same work out over an extended period of time, because the momentum and energy is high, and there’s a thrill in seeing just how much can be accomplished in a day!

Have you heard of context switching, and the cost implications of it?  There’s literally NONE of that here.

It’s you + me, with no distractions. You walk away with tangible results, I walk away feeling accomplished; a total #win-win!


Hey designers and done-for-you service providers! Are you ready to work less, but make more?

I loved knowing the cost upfront and I love knowing I would have your full attention and when my projects would be done. The site is stunning and I am grateful I will have help over the next month with questions that come up! Thank you for everything! You made this so easy and fun!

Amy Egizii

You are incredibly talented and I especially loved that at the end of it all I had LIVE website. It was the biggest relief ever and hands down THE BEST web design experience I have ever had….and sadly I’ve had several.

Renee Schreibman

I think you have “nailed it” when it comes to web design. I felt involved in the process, while also confident to have an expert executing on the changes. It was so quick! The day flew by, but I had fun watching the site come to life. You were also very attentive to feedback, and I didn’t feel nervous to make a suggestion or ask to fix something.

My favorite part was when my co-founder came into the office, and I clicked refresh on the site and he was excited about how awesome it looked. My other favorite part was at the very end, we made just a few final changes (which you turned around in seconds!) and it was like BAM it’s done!

Sarah Merkle

I think we got excellent results. I was really glad that we worked closely together to pull together a new brand that really feels like me. I was a little surprised by how much back and forth there was, and how patient you were! 😉 – I loved being so close the process, though! 

Jana Osofsky