The revolutionary framework that will simplify your business and give back your freedom, time and money!

Hey there, I’m Sarah!

I’m guessing one reason you started your business was because you wanted freedom.

In addition to chasing your passion, you wanted to be able to travel, spend time with your family, and pursue long overdue self care interests.

So you said goodbye to the 9-5, and set out on your own.

You bootstrapped and hustled, and when the clients started rolling in, you thought, “Yes! The elusive dream is in sight!”

Whether you’ve been doing this for a year or 20 years, you’ve probably served wonderful clients and made lasting friendships with some of them, while others send you a steady stream of referrals and are always tagging you on social media.

But somehow, somewhere along the way, you lost the freedom you set out to find.

  • You spend tons of hours on non-billable work. You dread posting on social media, answering complex emails, writing proposals, and getting on “connection” calls that don’t always turn into clients…
  • Clients expect you to live by their deadlines, but they can’t meet yours. Late files means you can’t start on time. They give feedback when they get around to it. Projects just keep getting delayed…
  • You overextend yourself. After talking on more clients to fill the gaps the delayed clients have created – suddenly the delayed client is ready, and you have no choice but to work double-time to keep everyone happy.
  • Scope Creep is out of control. Revision after revision, email after email, week after week.  Your projects are never-ending…
  • Your bank account suffers. When you finally DO finish a project, it takes weeks or months longer to actually get paid…

Maybe you’ve even found yourself daydreaming about going back to a real J.O.B. because then at least you could clock out at 5:00 every day and get paid consistently.

That was my exact story until three years ago.

Isn’t it ironic that we call ourselves freelancers, yet our business model actually leads us away from freedom?


Let me ask you – what would change for you if….

You only had to work 2 or 3 days per week and you knew exactly what days they would be, so you could plan months in advance, spend more time with your family, travel frequently and do more of what you love.

You didn’t have to waste hours on discovery calls, writing proposals and calculating how long an entire project will take only to be let down when the client comes back and says you’re too expensive.

You knew exactly how much money you were going to make each month and you could control whether or not to make more or less, depending on your life’s circumstances for the month.

You no longer had to deal with frustrating or demanding clients who started out fine, but then turned into the never-ending scope-creep client, leaving you both uninspired by the end of your time together.

You had a steady stream of DREAM clients raving about the work that you’ve done for them – so much so, that you no longer need to spend hours inside of Facebook Groups promoting your services.

You no longer worry about whether or not you were going to be able to pay the bills next month because you’re charging premium rates for your services and no longer chasing down late payments and invoices.

My guess is that this would be life-changing for you!

I’m here to tell you it’s TOTALLY possible, and it can happen sooner than you think!

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2005…

I spent those first few years chasing shiny objects in pursuit of something that would allow me to stay home and have more time with my family, financial freedom, and a work-life balance that every new business owner dreams of. Eventually I discovered my love for design, and knew in my heart this was what I was meant to do!

Within a few years, I taught myself more than I ever thought possible about branding and web design, and established myself as a good designer with great clients.

But even though I invested in the best coaches and programs, hoping for that magic pill, I still found myself working endless hours, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed from all the hustle, and yet barely able to make ends meet each month. 

The numbers just weren’t adding up….

I knew all about “scaling” with products, and how to do it, but there was no way “I” could do that because I spent ALL my working hours on client work.

Scope creep, inconsistent timelines, and delayed payments had taken their toll on me, and I was burnt out.

One cold day back in February 2018,  a former client came to me with a unique request that nearly put me over the edge.

Not wanting to deal with another proposal and back and forth emails, I thought, ‘Why not test out the possibility of offering her a day rate to get it all done?’

She agreed to my day rate offer, and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time – I wanted to do more of these!

After testing with a few more clients, I announced this new service, and my audience went crazy for it! 

I booked three day rate clients from that very first Facebook post, and went on to continue booking more each month!

👉 News about my Book Me For a Day™ intensives quickly spread, and clients were coming to me.
👉 I became consistently booked out, 4-6 weeks in advance.
👉 Over time, I went from working 7 days a week, often 10+ hours per day to being able to choose exactly what days I wanted to work – FAR in advance, and far fewer than 7 days per week.
👉 My income rose… From averaging $4-6K months, to steadily over $10K every single month.
👉 I finally stopped stuffing my Mac into a giant suitcase every time my family wanted to go on vacation… I could finally go away and ENJOY our family vacations, and not think about work.
👉 I finally stopped scouring Facebook Groups and Instagram all day, every day, replying to posts about branding and design, in search of my next client or project.

These days, I spend usually a few days per month doing Book Me For A Day™ client work, and the rest of my work hours are spent speaking on this topic, and supporting fellow creatives, via my courses and coaching programs.

When I’m not working, I’m enjoying time with my husband, our four sons, our 2 dogs, Mabel and Maverick, and our new pandemic hobby – raising backyard chickens! I’m able to take tons of time off and travel as often as I want…

Thanks to the Day Rates business model, I finally have the freedom lifestyle I chased for so long…

So you might be wondering, what exactly is a day rate, and what type of client buys them? 

Also known as VIP Days and One-Day Intensives, Day Rates are the practice of working with clients one day at a time, and charging a flat fee for the day – not the deliverables.

There are plenty of clients’ who desire a quick and efficient process that is as stress-free and drama-free as possible. 

While this process isn’t for everyone, the fact that I’ve stayed consistently booked out for almost 3 years, with premium rates, tells me that there IS a market out there.

There’s a market for being GREAT + FAST, and it’s called Day Rates.

I think you have “nailed it” when it comes to web design. I felt involved in the process, while also confident to have an expert executing on the changes. It was so quick!  The day flew by, but I had fun watching the site come to life. You were very attentive to feedback and I didn’t feel nervous to make a suggestion or ask to fix something.

My favorite part was when my co-founder came into the office, and I clicked refresh on the site and he was excited about how awesome it looked. My other favorite part was at the very end, we made just a few final changes (which you turned around in seconds!) and it was like BAM it’s done!

Sarah Merkle

I loved knowing the cost upfront and I love knowing that I would have your full attention and when my projects would be done. The site is stunning and I am grateful I will have help over the next month with questions that come up!  Thank you for everything! You made this so easy and fun!

Amy Egizii

I think we got excellent results. I was really glad that we worked closely together to  pull together a new brand that really feels like me. I was a little surprised by how much back and forth there was, and how patient you were. 🙂  — I loved being so close to the process though!

Jana Osofsky

You are incredibly talented and I especially loved that at the end of it all I had a LIVE website.  It was the biggest relief ever and hands down THE BEST web design experience I have ever had… and sadly I’ve had several.

Renee Schreibman

Doing done for you design work does not need to be draining, soul-sucking or a recipe for burnout.

You CAN do what you love, and do it on YOUR terms!

Once I developed and mastered the Day Rate formula, I shifted my entire business model so the only way clients can hire me for my design services, is through my Book Me For a Day™ offer.

I’ve stayed consistently booked out for the past 2+ years, which validates that there’s a need for more people doing this sort of work!

I can honestly say that offering one-day intensive services is your one-way ticket to becoming a HAPPIER & more fulfilled (and financially free) creative business owner!

If you’re ready to….

 Stop spending hours writing custom proposals, only to be told you’re too expensive…
 Stop spending hours scouring social media, worrying about where your next client is going to come from…
 Stop bringing your computer on vacation with you, just in case a client emergency comes up…
 Stop spending your weekends working on client deadlines…
 Put an end to all of those  “final_final_final_clientname.jpg” files…

Then you need to have Day Rates as part (or even better, ALL) of your business model!

I get that it feels overwhelming, and dare I say ‘daunting’ to figure out how plan and prepare for such a huge pivot in your business!

 The questions are neverending!

  • How do you know what services to offer?
  • How do you estimate how much you can get done in a day?
  • How do you find the clients who will believe in you and trust your process?
  • How does this fit in with your other services? Do you even still offer the other services?
  • What tools do you use to make the process more effective and efficient?
  • How do you ensure your client is satisfied and doesn’t waste the entire day with wishy-washy indecisiveness?
  • How do you deal with difficult clients who fail to prepare or show up or give feedback when you need it?
  • What proactive measures do you take to ensure the client is properly prepared for the day of the intensive?
  • How do you handle clients who have questions or want more support once their intensive is over?
  • What sort of contract do you need to have in place?

After nearly three years of running intensives, I’ve experienced (or) been asked ALL of these questions (and plenty more) by fellow designers and service providers who want to know my secrets.

So I created the first digital course that’s all about Day Rates!

Get Booked By The Day™ includes everything you need to effortlessly pivot to a Day Rate business model –
leaving no stone unturned.

FINALLY have the freedom-filled lifestyle that you’ve been chasing for so long!
Work just a handful of days per month, and make more money that you ever thought possible!
Take up a new hobby, spend time with your kids or create that digital product you never had time for!
Re-discover the long lost JOY in business that you’ve been missing for so long!

Join us today!

Save $50 when you pay in full and get listed in our exclusive directory, Day Rate Creatives!

Meet Jennifer Westbrook

“Before joining the course, I was feeling like I wasn’t making the most of my business because I was overworking and undercharging.

After I saw Sarah’s free webinar, I felt like it was something I needed to offer in my business. It was a no-brainer for me to sign up for the course so I could learn all the details of how to develop my Day Rate offers.

Day Rates are making it possible for me to create a more streamlined business where I’m more focused on doing the work I enjoy the most.

I’ve done 4 Day Rates so far, so I’m still ramping up in a sense. But if you are thinking about taking this course, just do it! It has added so much value to the way I run my business.”

What will you learn?

Create Your Perfect Offer

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Follow my step-by-step process to figuring out exactly what your offer will be! Break it all down using my Day Rate Calculator to find your perfect price, and then crunch those numbers even more to determine how you’re going to scale to reach your income goals.

Learn the exact method I used (and swipe my copy) for booking my first 3 intensive clients. Test the offer with your audience, validate that it’s irresistible, and you’re ready to do this thing!

Smart Systems

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Efficiency and automation are the name of the game in the One Day Intensive model. I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

In this module, I break down every single tool that I use, how I use it, and how they are all connected to create a seamless workflow for automating the on-boarding process, scheduling clients, accepting payments, getting agreements signed, collecting feedback, and more!

The Client Experience

Here’s what you’ll learn…

The number one most important factor that will determine the success of your Day Rate offer is how the client perceives the experience! If the client feels stressed, frazzled or overwhelmed, you need to have a plan in place to alleviate those feelings ASAP.

In this module, I go over every single thing I SAY and DO, beginning with the on-boarding email sequence, reminder emails, the kick-off call, the day-of the intensive, and the follow-up.

Sales & Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn…

As you already know by now, you can be among the best in your industry, but if you don’t know how to sell your service, then you don’t have a business.

In this module, I share every tip and trick that I’ve used (and TONS of swipe copy) to continuously book out my schedule with Day Rates so that I’m increasing my revenue month over month, and still not feeling stressed or overwhelmed one bit.

Non-negotiable Boundaries

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Not all clients are created equal and therefore you’ll undoubtedly get a few who will book you for a day, then ghost you, not show up or provide timely feedback, or are just plain difficult to please.

In this module, I’ll explain exactly how to prepare for and handle cancellations, no-shows, unprepared clients, unresponsive clients, unhappy clients, and clients who don’t pay on time.

Scaling & Becoming Known

Here’s what you’ll learn…

One of the biggest issues I see with creatives who switch to this model is shifting their mindset. So we cover some very common mindset barriers in this module, and I’ll share what I had to do, and who I had to become in order for this to work so well for my business.

Learning how to say “no” to red-flag and bad-fit clients and overcoming imposter syndrome were two big steps, so in this module I’ll share how that all went down for me so that you can start applying it for yourself!

Plus, get these bonuses!

Bonus 1

Coaching & Community Support

Looking for other Day Raters? You will love our highly active private student’s only community, Day Rate Collective, where you can get all the feedback and support you need during your first eight weeks in the course.

Bonus 2

Q&A Calls (plus Recordings)

Have a specific question that’s not covered in the course? You’ll get eight weeks access to live bi-weekly Q&A calls, plus lifetime access to the replays plus over a year’s worth of pre-recorded time-stamped calls.

Bonus 3

Templates & Swipe Files Bundle

We’re all about simplicity and saving you time! To make this as simple as possible for you, I’ve included all of my swipe files and templates so you can totally just PLUG & PLAY with for your own Day Rate offer!

Bonus 4

Do It Messy Challenge Access

Are you a struggling perfectionist? You’ll love our popular 5-day “Imperfect Action” Challenge where we guide you through 5 days of messy action to getting your first (or next) Day Rate Client! 

Bonus 5

The Client Prep Pack

Wondering what needs to be included in your prep-work? We’re including exclusive access to all of Sarah’s personal client prep-work examples, which you can use for inspiration (not to be confused with copying)!

Bonus 6

The Course Podcast

Short on time or just prefer audio? Listen on your podcast app of choice while on the go – every lesson, workshop and masterclass available in audio form. All Q+A Calls uploaded and available in audio form, with automatic feed updates when there’s new content.

Bonus 7

2-Hour Tech Workshop

If the systems and automation setup stresses you out, not to worry! We have a complete automation workshop recorded from start to finish so you can simply follow along.

Bonus 8

Marketing Strategies Bundle

Concerned about finding Day Rate clients? You will LOVE these bonus masterclasses that we’re including, which cover marketing in Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest and even SEO!


Day Rate Creatives Directory Listing

When you pay in full, you’ll get a 12 month listing in our exclusive directory where your ideal clients are looking for YOU!

Meet Rita Suzanne

Rita also struggled with the feast or famine cycle in her design business – for years!

Rita switched to the Day Rate model, and here’s what she had to say about it.

“I was drowning in projects.  I felt like I couldn’t do anything but work. When I started doing intensives, I had my best month ever out of my 6 years in business, in September, and it was all due to me doing the dedicated days.” 

We’re A LITTLE obsessed with our students’ results!

Meet Sally Scruggs

Before Sally found Get Booked By The Day, she was feeling stuck in her business and realized that her income was tied to her hours.

Since joining the course, Sally is much more confident in her work and her communication. She feels her boundaries now fully benefit her clients, leaving herself feeling 100% guilt-free!!

Her favorite part of the course is the tech walkthroughs – she really loved the behind-the-scenes of how to set up the workflows of onboarding, day-of, and offboarding.

For anyone considering joining the Day Rates course, Sally says to JUST DO IT!! She says it is truly life-changing when you rewire the way you think about what quality work looks like.

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Know exactly what to offer, how to price it and how to sell it with ease and confidence
  • Know how to set up your entire tech stack and automation systems to create a seamless workflow and client experience
  • Know exactly what to say and do every step of the way, over the 60-90 day client journey
  • Know how to handle everything that could possibly go wrong with your intensive
  • Have clients RAVING about you and the service that you delivered
  • Have more free time to spend with your friends, family or even creating more scaleable digital offers!
  • Be able to plan WAY ahead with your schedule and know exactly how much you’re going to make every month!

Ready to get started?

Save $50 when you PAY IN FULL and get listed in our exclusive directory, Day Rate Creatives!

The value of this program is so incredible that many students make their full investment back within the first month of joining!

When you follow our process, you can easily book your first few intensives within just a couple of weeks, and depending on how much you charge, your investment can be completely paid for!

Meet Megan Baird

“Before Day Rates, I was always stressed about time-consuming edits and I dreaded checking my inbox to see a “can we hop on a call to discuss”?” type email.

This course got me into action immediately – so fast that I sold two Day Rates within two weeks of joining the course (which means I made back my investment and then some!). I feel so much lighter since transitioning to a Day Rate model (and my clients love it, too!) Sarah literally gives everything you need to get it done.

I now have more time for my own business – time for learning and skills, time to develop new ideas. It’s also MUCH easier for me to forecast income – it’s just so easy to plot out my schedule/income when I do ONE Day Rate per week (and any repeat client Half Days are just bonus money)”

Now is your time!

Time to escape the feast or famine once and for all so that you can start making more money, working fewer hours and experience the life-changing magic of day rates!

You could start out like I did nearly three years ago, and piece it all together…

Test out pricing, test out offers, test out timing, test out schedules, test out systems and tools…

Keep what works. Throw away what doesn’t.

But how much is it going to cost you in LOST TIME staying stuck in the feast or famine while you “figure this out”???

Now, don’t get me wrong. Day Rates are NOT rocket science – but efficiency & logistics ARE most definitely a science.


Imagine being taught what, when and why to do #allthethings so that nothing falls through the cracks, and you’re not left scrambling to pick up the pieces of a disaster day rate.


Imagine having a coach who’s BEEN in your shoes, and is now where you want to be, cheering you on, helping you make the right decisions and offering guidance when things get confusing.


Imagine the financial freedom you could have this year if you take action with the right tools and the right community of support around you.

Let me help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Meet Tracy Oosthuizen

Before Tracy joined Day Rate Mastery, she felt as if she had reached an income ceiling and that her multiple projects would never end – which was taking a psychological toll on her.

Since joining the course, and changing to a day rate model for her business, Tracy has more free time for herself with the piece of mind knowing a project is done after one day!

This was a total GAME-CHANGER for her!

Tracy says her biggest win is seeing how much her clients thoroughly enjoy this model AFTER her feeling of uncertainty of whether the clients would even accept it! She says her clients’ minds are blown with how much can be accomplished!

When I set out to create this program, I had two choices.

I could have created a mediocre training, sold it for cheap, and walked away not caring if you got results.

But I decided on the better choice…

The choice that supports my zone of genius…
The choice that lights me up like nothing else in this world….

The choice to help others escape the feast or famine, just like I did, through a transformational program where I get to do what I love…
Guiding, inspiring and moving people out of overwhelm and into action!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably still wondering if this program is right for you…

Get Booked By The Day™ is for you if….

  • You are an implementor – someone who does done-for-you design or consulting work, and you can compress your work into chunks of time.
  • You believe in an efficiency model and working smarter, not harder.
  • You are a confident freelancer or business owner!
  • You thrive on working quickly & under pressure!
  • You love the accomplished feeling of checking off a list and being super productive!
  • You are sick of the feast or famine cycle because you KNOW you deserve more!
  • You enjoy a semi-collaborative working environment and appreciate immediate feedback!
  • You are sick of the “old” model of custom proposals and long projects!
  • You are persistent, determined and resourceful!
  • You want a mentor who has been exactly where you are, who you can trust!

It might not be right for you if…


  • You are scattered and struggle to stay focused.
  • You aren’t able to block off a 7-8 hour window of time at least 4-6 days per month.
  • You want instant results – this is not a get rich quick magic pill – it does take dedication and effort!
  • You’re one of those people who joins programs, but then never actually do the work, ask questions when you’re stuck, or show up for the calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to business and don’t have clients yet – is this right for me?

While it is not a sales or business 101 course, there are a ton of excellent business and marketing lessons included! This course focuses mostly on efficiency, systems and creating an epic experience for the Day Rate business model.  So even if you are new to business, if you feel like you want to start out with this model of working right away, or you’re simply interested in learning a better, more efficient style of working, then you will definitely learn a lot from this course!

Is this a design course?

No, this is not a design course.  This is a program about systems, client experience, efficiency and processes. Through this program, I’ll be teaching you HOW I set up my one-day intensive system, using a variety of software programs, workflows and strategy. The lessons taught in this course can be applied to ANY done-for-you consulting business, as long as it’s a service that can be compressed into a one-day project. While the majority of students are in-fact designers, this is not a design course, so the design tools you use do not matter.  Whether you use Adobe, Canva, or something else, you will be able to apply the lessons to your own business.  I do offer several other design-specific courses though, so please reach out if that is something you’re interested in.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you can show that you worked through this course to the best of your ability, implemented the systems, and ask for help when you need it, and you can still say it honestly isn’t worth your time, we will offer you full refund.

Please do not enroll in if you just want to “check it out.” We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into it and expect that you, as a serious student, plan to do the same.

Refunds will NOT be granted if you simply decide you can’t afford to pay, or decide that you don’t want to do any of the work. If you do the work and put in your best effort and find Get Booked By The Day™ isn’t delivering what we promised, you’ll get a refund.

Will I get 1:1 time with Sarah?

There are no 1:1 sessions with Sarah but you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need in the Facebook Group and on the Q&A calls!  Sarah is always in the community answering questions, so you will always feel like you are getting personalized support.

Will this really help me book one-day intensive clients?

If you’re prepared to apply everything you learn inside of this course, do the work and stay focused then there is no reason why you can’t be successful with your own one day intensive offer.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

The lessons are all very quick and actionable.  Many lessons can be consumed via reading or audio, so you don’t need to be in front of a computer for the entire course. Everyone goes at a different pace, but plan to spend at least 1-2 full days getting your systems in place and implementing everything you’ve learned. The content is yours to keep, so you can come back to it at a later time if the timing is better.

Do I need any software or tools to get started?

You will not need anything for the course other than your computer and an internet connection. However, to implement what you’re going to learn, you should plan to spend a little money each month (less than $50 per month), in order to have a variety of on-boarding and automation tools, to make your One-Day Intensive offer as effective as possible.

Meet Jennifer Ward

Before joining the course, Jennifer felt stuck in her business, and wondered if she had the confidence to actually offer 4-figure VIP days, much less get booked doing them. Now that she has completed the course, Jennifer feels much more confident about the Day Rate process!

“This course has helped me make more in one month doing way less than all the sleepless nights of work over the 14 years I’ve been in business. I LOVE the concept of working on one day vs spreading a project out over weeks. It aligns with the way I work best and my clients have been very pleased with the business model.”

When asked to rank the value of the course, Jennifer gave us 10 out of 10!

Ready to get started?

Save $50 when you PAY IN FULL and get listed in our exclusive directory, Day Rate Creatives!

Meet Haylee LaRose

Before Get Booked By The Day, Haylee had just started offering web design services, which she loved, but she was getting frustrated with delayed project deadlines.

Here’s what Haylee had to say about the course:

“I loved how simple and doable you made setting up everything seem, weaving in the mindset shifts to help me book clients while I was still in the course and making it seem like it wasn’t such a big leap but totally doable, and getting to chat with others during the group calls.

This course has helped me to free up more of my time, energy and mental space so I can really focus on serve clients during the intensive days at a much higher level. I’ve felt more creative and in the flow more than ever before. I’m making more money and working less… what could be better? I can’t imagine going back to regular design projects.”

Still have questions?

If you’re still wondering whether or not this is right for you, or just have more questions, please reach out!

You can email me at

Or send me a DM at



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