The Simple Brand Academy is an all-in-one branding & design solution that removes ALL the overwhelm, and guides you along your branding journey, one simple step at a time.

You said ‘so-long’ to societal expectations of the daily grind, and set out on your journey of self-exploration.
Whether that meant taking time to raise a family and explore a more domestic lifestyle, travel the world, or explore your personal passions and hobbies, you’ve done something that very few have the courage to do.
You’ve said yes to yourself, and yes to a life that fills you up and brings you joy.
Then, something magical happened…

You discovered that thing that you’re truly passionate about, and you figured out a way to make money doing it.

This is gold!

  • Slowly but surely, friends and family tell their friends and family, and the requests are coming in.
  • Real people see value in your work, and are picking up what you’re throwing down.
  • Your passion has a viable future as a ‘business’, and you’re ready to make something out of it!
  • You may even already have some amazing clients & raving fans who want to tell the world about you.
  • Really, YOU just want to tell the world about you!

But shameful as it may be, you’ve got a major case of comparisonitis that you just can’t shake.
Your competitor’s branding… her website… her graphics… they’re all so damn pretty and perfect!
Maybe you’ve heard about those “easy” plug & play website builders, so you tried the DIY route, or maybe you cashed in on every favor owed to you from family, friends and your inner circle.


But try as you might, your brand (or lack thereof) still screams amateur.

Girl, there is no better time than now.
  • Time to show up, and stand out as the expert that you are.
  • Time to have a brand and website that works for you, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.
  • Time to stop hustling so. damn. hard…
  • Time to turn your passion into a powerful profit-generating machine, with a brand and website that fits you like a glove, that you are proud to share with your fans!

The support I offer my clients is the result of over a decade of business and branding experience that is equal parts:


IT’S Time to finally own your branding dreams,
and become a known for something!

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Imagine this – 

  • No longer feeling overwhelmed, stuck or confused when it comes to designing your brand.
  • Having the confidence and know-how to do everything yourself!
  • Having absolute clarity in your messaging, and what you stand for.
  • Knowing exactly who your audience is, and what they most need to see and hear from you.
  • Being the go-to in your industry, and finally be known for something!
  • Having a fully fledged out vision for your brand, that you confidently know how to bring to life.
  • Being able to create graphics that are on-brand, clear, compelling, cohesive, consistent and captivating!
  • Having a gorgeous website that captivates & connects, then converts visitors into paying clients!
  • Saving thousands of dollars by being able to create all of your own graphics and tech!
  • Understanding how & when to use each social media platform – including tips, tricks & best practices.

So what is the Simple Brand Academy?

Simple Brand Academy is my monthly membership program that will empower you with the tools, skills and resources you need to confidently create a brand, website and business that shares your brilliance with the world, in a super simple, streamlined, easy to follow method.

– Even if you’re not “creative”.
– Even if you’re not a designer.

– Even if you’re tech-challenged.
– Even if you don’t think you have enough time.

Unlike other branding courses and programs, I firmly believe that it doesn’t need to be hard, confusing or complicated to create a cohesive, compelling and captivating brand and website for your business. After designing hundreds of brands and websites over the past decade, I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t work, and it all comes down to one thing – simplicity.

Hi, I’m Sarah –

I’m a wife and mom of four boys, and a natural-born entrepreneur, who’s been supporting entrepreneurs and designing brands and websites for over 12 years.

I’m here to completely reveal all of my secrets and my processes to designing a simple brand and online presence that gets noticed, gets sales, and shares your truth and brilliance with the world.

Born and raised in upstate NY, simplicity is one of my core values, and I live by two golden rules: keep it simple & let it be easy!

My mission is to support you, and get you results in the simplest way possible, so you can continue to focus your energy on what you do best….

IT’S Time to finally own your branding dreams,
and become a known for something!

Join Simple Brand Academy

For barely more than a dollar per day!









Here’s the truth  –

Your brand is not something that you sit down one day and decide to create.  Sure, it’s critical to start out with the essentials and foundational work, but it doesn’t stop there.

Rather, it’s an evolution – a process of growth and change.  

Branding is every single experience that your audience has with your business. It’s how your audience feels when they speak with you, see you, hear you, or read your words.  It’s what they say about you when you’re not in the room.

CReating Your brand identity is just one step of your branding Journey.
As you evolve, you will go through various stages of growth, which is why it’s so important to have the tools, skills and resources to be able to cultivate that growth as your business grows.
Inside of Simple Brand Academy, we guide you along the five stages of your branding journey,
The Simple Brand Success Framework.
When you join Simple Brand academy, you get an expert designer and brand strategist (that’s me!) in your corner, for the life of your membership. Consider me your new Business & branding bff!

What Does Simple Brand Academy Include?


  • Mini Courses will include step-by-step written and/or video tutorials, worksheets and exercises, around 10-15 minutes each.
  • Masterclass Trainings which will be longer, more in-depth trainings, around 45-60 minutes long.
  • Guest Expert Trainings to compliment the monthly theme.
  • Templates to go along with the that you can customize for your own business, or use for inspiration!


  • Amazing Private Community for members only, where you can all share and grow together, and ask me anything!
  • Brand Bestie Program because having a Biz BFF is crucial in this online space, and with my program, you get 2 BFF’s!
  • Implementation Weeks because we all need a break once in a while to catch up, or spend some time away from the computer!
  • Member’s Only Group Coaching Challenges to keep you engaged, making progress and moving forward!

What SBA Members are saying…

IT’S Time to finally own your branding dreams,
and become a known for something!

Enrollment is currently closed.


Learn how to expertly choose colors, fonts, elements, patterns & photos, design your custom logo, and outline your complete brand board (AKA your brand blueprint)!

Officially share your new (or re-branded) message with the world! Set up your social media pages, landing page, email opt-ins and grow your list!

Now that you’ve got an amazing message to share, learn how to leverage it through consistent visibility, using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Linked In!

How does your brand look, sound, taste, smell and feel? Learn how to give your brand character through your brand voice, style and surroundings!

Divi Theme for WordPress, Squarespace, Kajabi, MemberVault, Shopify & beyond? Choose the platform that works for you, and learn how to use it!

Enhance your client’s experience with on-brand invoices, contracts & more! Learn how to create cohesion and consistency across all areas of your brand.

Learn how to keep your website updated, clean, backed up and secure! Understand simple SEO, organic search results and how to use your analytics.

Take your brand to the next level and discover how you can use it for creating social change and impact, whether that’s through your local community or global.

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to Brand Foundations 
a mini course that teaches the foundations of every great brand.

I know how overwhelming large membership groups can be…

Because the Simple Brand Academy is still relatively new, you won’t be just another number inside of an overwhelmingly large membership group, and you won’t have to worry about jumping through hoops to get access to me.  I show up almost daily inside the members-only Facebook Group, and you’ll even have the option to schedule one-on-one VIP calls with me, at a discounted members-only rate!

As a first year member of Simple Brand Academy, you’ll be grandfathered in at this low membership rate, and you’ll get to play a role in the creation of something huge! Your presence, growth and results will be immensely impactful in helping shape this program to become the best branding membership & community in the market.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and have never felt more in alignment with my message and my brand.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results and have never felt more in alignment with my message and my brand.  Everything on my website represents who I am and what I stand for. It also very clearly calls the perfect clients in and makes them feel that change is possible and transformation is available for them.  When someone hops on the phone with me now they feel like they already know me and that was at the core of what I wanted from my brand. I can’t recommend Sarah enough.  She’s not only extremely professional but can take a brand and elevate it to the next level.”

~ Lisa Carpenter at Full Frontal Living

I have seen my sales increase and my email list has grown over 20% in the first month!

I was over the moon when we launched the finished product.  It looked so “grown up” and was not only so much more professional and on brand than I could have created on my own. The way the copy, photos and your design all came together created a website beyond my imagination.and not only have I received rave reviews from my customers, I have seen my sales increase and my email list has grown over 20% in the first month.

~ Stacey Rex at Pure Stella Skin Care

In the month following our website launch, we had over 150 new customers and my business grew by 25%.

Working with Sarah has been a game-changer for my team and my business! The website she designed created the credibility and visibility we were seeking. She has a very precise way of asking questions in a way that enables her to really learn a business, and I was amazed and how precisely and beautifully she captured the warmth and genuineness I wanted to convey with my website.  Sarah is a dream to work with!

~ Haynes Paschall at Simple Wellness Living

BOOM! She nailed it. It’s as close to perfect as possible.

Sarah has an unbelievable way of hearing what we want to see and turning it into a reality when we don’t have the words to say it. I remember at one point Sarah asked us what color family we had thought about and with silence, she responded with ‘okay, what feelings do you want to evoke when someone comes to your website?’ BOOM. Nailed it. It’s as close to perfect as possible.

~ Rachel & Kyle Wright at Wright Wellness Center

She totally got me and my brand and the result is absolutely spot on.

“Being a very hands-on person, I wanted to make sure my branding partner really understood what I was looking for. Well, I could not be happier of my experience working with Sarah! She totally got me and my brand and the result is absolutely spot on. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then Sarah’s the branding expert you need!”

~ Catherine Orer at The Artist Entrepreneur

Working with Sarah was very easy and straightforward.

I was not sure that it was the *right time* to launch my site, but then I realized there is no perfect time in anything that we do. It was time to take the plunge, and Sarah was a great sounding board to get it all started.  The process of working with Sarah was very easy and straightforward. Conversations were efficient and effective, and Sarah understood what I was looking for and was able to make related suggestions. I love my site, and I often get comments from others on how much they like it, too. I’m beyond pleased!

~ Kiran Dodeja Smith at Easy Real Food

I could not have launched my business without her.

“Sarah is my branding guru! I had an idea, created the product, but needed someone to help me translate my vision into a cohesive and marketable brand. Sarah was that person. She actively listened, offered advice on design and marketing trends and delivered a top-notch brand for my product. I could not have launched my business without her. ”

~ Vanessa Kenon-Hunt at O+A Everyday

I wonder why I waited so long.

“Bracken House Branding took Meeting Achievements to the next level. The overall re-branding and new website was something that I dreaded doing, but after finding Sarah & Team — I wonder why I waited so long.”

~ Polly Rossi at Meeting Achievements

It was exactly what I wanted!

“Sarah took what I do and who I am and put it into a brand and website that reflected me. I love what she came up with, the colors, the feel of the website. It was exactly what I wanted.  It’s not always easy taking a leap to put your program out in the world, especially when you don’t have any techie skills! Sarah made the process easy and is so skilled at what she does. I always get people telling me how much they love my site and how it is welcoming and calming – exactly what I wanted to get across as a yoga teacher.”

~ Janine Murphy at Janine Yoga

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough!

“Sarah is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with! She took the time necessary to help really nail down my branding and then translated that into my dream website. Not only did she do a PHENOMENAL job, she responded to feedback swiftly and with a super positive attitude. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough! I will be singing her praises for years to come.”

~ Dana Winkler at Dana Winkler

Still have questions?

How long does this program run?
This is an ongoing membership program, so there is no end date.  I will continuously be creating new content around what the community needs.
What is the Investment?

The current price is $39 per month, and your monthly price will always stay $39. You’ll have access to all prior month’s content, as long as you remain an active member.

Will this really help me create a designer brand on a bootstrapper budget?
Yes, if you follow along and commit to doing the work, ask me questions when you’re stuck and take action, you will have a professional looking brand that you’ll be proud to show off.
How many hours should I plan to commit to doing the work and attending the trainings?
Trainings will be once weekly, and will typically be 20 minutes or less.  The time it takes you to implement depends on how well you follow my lead.  Rough estimate is plan to spend an hour or so per week.
Will there be live calls?
Sometimes!  There will be 4 monthly deliverables and some might include live masterclasses or Q&A sessions.  All live calls and trainings will be recorded so you will not miss a thing. Because this is still a new program, content will be determined and created based what the group actually needs.
How much access will I have to you?
I’ll provide daily feedback and coaching inside of the private member’s only group. You’ll be able to ask questions inside the community as well as through a private question form.  I’ll answer your questions inside the community or on the live Q&A calls.  If you want 1:1 brand coaching, hit reply and I’ll share other options with you.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel at any time you feel that the content is no longer serving your needs.  There is no commitment to stay a member, but once you cancel, you’ll lose your current price should you ever decide to return.
How do I know if this is right for me?
If you’re interested in learning how to create your own professional-looking brand and website in a slow, steady and intentional format, then Simple Brand Academy is for you!  If you’re anxious to create everything and get it out to the world in a matter of weeks or just a few months, then you may want to consider hiring a designer who can help you get it done faster (I also offer these services so I’m happy to chat about this as well).
Life is too short, and your business is too important,
to stay confused, stuck and overwhelmed.
IT’S Time to finally own your branding dreams,
and become a known for something!

Enrollment is currently closed.