The 5 Steps to Creating a Simple, Yet Memorable Brand Identity

How to create a brand when you can’t afford a designer yet? 

The 5 Steps Process to Creating a Simple, Yet Memorable Brand Identity

Don’t be intimidated by branding if you aren’t in a place yet to hire a designer. Starting your business is AMAZING but it’s also tough on the credit cards. That being said, there is an easier way to create a memorable brand identity without shelling out your entire life savings. These are the steps I take all of my clients through, and they are things you can do on your own as well!

Step 1 – Get clear on your message & position. 

The first thing you need to do is get clear on your Value Proposition Statement or VPS. This is what will help you figure out who you serve, how do you serve them, how do they benefit from working with you and what you specifically do. 

This is needed so you know who you’re even branding for. Figure out where your passion lies and turn that into your focal point. Figure out what your goals are for your business — why do you want this? Ask yourself all the questions so you know exactly who you’re helping and why, so you can grow your business.

Step 2 – Create a Mood Board that accurately conveys your brand vision

A Mood Board is a collage of various elements in the early stages of a project, in this case, creating the feel for your brand. Mood boards serve as a guiding light for what will eventually become your brand assets. Your mood board conveys how you want your target audience to FEEL when they experience your brand. They help translate your vibe into something that can be seen, felt, tasted, heard, and smelled by your audience.

You can use photos from anywhere (as this is meant only for your brand inspiration) and determines how you move forward with your branding process. You want to collect images that you feel most drawn too because that will help you with the next step in your branding process. 

Step 3 – Choose your Colors, Fonts, and other Design Elements

Based on the feelings and mood that you uncovered in the Mood Board process, choose colors, fonts and other design elements such as textures, patterns, icons, and illustrations, that match your brand’s personality and will help tell your story. 

It’s important to note, your brand isn’t just about colors and fonts, it’s about having those “extra” special elements that really take your brand to the next level when it comes to originality and authenticity. 

It’s important for you to figure out what those “extra” elements are in your brand that really make you stand out while also being true to your personality and your VPS.

Step 4 – Create your Logo

Don’t be intimidated by this step, you can do it!! Use a free program, like Canva [LINK], to choose from a variety of templates that already exist and create a simple logo using the colors and fonts you chose in the last step.  

Using text logos is absolutely fine, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have the money to dish out to an expensive designer. There are so many brands, that are HUGE, who still use text logos.

These logos are still part of step 3. They are a culmination of ALL the elements that truly help your brand stand out — they’re not JUST a logo. They all have different fonts, colors, feels, styles and they all leave a different impression on you which is exactly what a logo is supposed to do. 

I encourage you to play around with the different logo templates in Canva with your new brand colors, fonts, and design elements to create your new logo.

Step 5 – Apply your Brand Visuals to your Graphics Designs

Again, using a program such as Canva, choose from a variety of templates and layouts to create the graphics that you need for your business. When you find a template you like be sure to change all the colors, photos, fonts to match your new brand vibe and soon you will have a cohesive brand with all the same fonts, colors, logo, website and feel across the board. 

If you read this and you’re still feeling completely overwhelmed, I encourage you to create your Brand Mood Board, which will help you to create the vision for your Brand!