You’ve got a rock-solid business that you’ve spent months, or maybe years building.

You’ve found your passion, and you’re making a name for yourself.

You have amazing clients & raving fans who want to tell the world about you.

Hell, YOU want to tell the world about you!

You already know how important a captivating and cohesive brand is. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t…

But shameful as it may be, you stalk your competition on a fairly regular basis.

Their brand, their website, their marketing graphics, they’re all just so perfectly pixelized!

Maybe you’d heard how fabulous and user-friendly WordPress is, so you tried the DIY route, or maybe you cashed in on every favor owed to you from family, friends and your inner circle. Try as you might, your website (or lack thereof) still screams amateur.

Isn’t it time for you to show up, and stand out as the business owner you were meant to be?

Introducing the Bracken House Branding Signature Branding & Web Design Experience.

During this 12-week engagement, we’ll discover, design, develop and deliver a custom brand and website of your dreams.


Includes multiple clarity and strategy calls, along with several detailed questionnaires to hone in on your ideal client, your purpose, brand vision, website and marketing strategy.  We’ll go deep, and discover what you’re all about, and how you want to show up for your audience.


Once your vision is uncovered, it’s time to start designing a brand and online experience that is authentically you!  This includes all of your brand identity elements such as your logo, alternate logo, colors, fonts, patterns, images, and website, along with a custom designed Mood Board a Brand Style Guide, and your choice of collateral items.


Once your brand is designed, we get to work developing a custom website that is not only beautiful to look at, but practical, functional, easy to use and meets all current web standards, such as mobile friendliness, browser friendliness and adaptability to new trends and digital applications.  Whether you need a simple blog, podcast integration, sales funnel setup, membership or eCommerce, we can handle it all.


Upon completion of your brand and web design, we’ll educate you on everything that we’ve created, and arm you with the tools and resources you need to carry out your online business goals going forward.  We’ll transfer everything over to you, so you’ll own it all, but we won’t leave you hanging.  You’ll receive 30 days of unlimited support upon completion and launch of your website, with the option to extend your support via a Retainer or Maintenance Plan, which we’ll go over during the launch stage.

This package is for you if:

  • You have a clear direction and focus for your business, but aren’t quite sure how to take it to the next level visually
  • The quality of your current visual identity doesn’t match up with the quality of your business
  • You are an authentic and professional business owner and you acknowledge the importance of an intentional, cohesive brand
  • You are a visionary with creative ideas about your business, and you need someone that can intuitively bring that vision to life
  • You are ready to show up, make a statement and OWN your business dreams and goals
  • You desire more than just a client/designer relationship; you want a designer who views you as a partner
  • You fully understand that a well thought out marketing strategy, and good design is essential to creating a brand that people know, like and trust
  • You have seen the quality of my work first-hand, and you are ready to invest and embark upon your own journey to a gorgeous one-of-a-kind  brand and online presence.

Here are some of our previous Branding & Web Design projects:

Investment Starts at $3,997

For a custom quote, please complete my client inquiry form. To ensure that I have enough time to devote to all of my clients, I only schedule a limited number of projects per month, and a 33%  deposit is required to reserve your space.



Not quite ready for this level of investment?  

Check out our S.I.M.P.L.E. Small Business Solution, which is less than half this price.