Is your website working hard enough for you?

Let’s face it, there is a ton of web design advice out there. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve likely spent countless hours (and money) trying to make sense of all of the information that’s available to you, whether it’s branding, SEO, SEM (and really, what’s the difference anyway?), digital strategy, mobile responsiveness, user experience…. and the list goes on and on….

What if you had an experienced web design strategist in your corner, to help you make sense of it all?  A branding and design expert who could review what you’ve got, tell you what you’re doing well, and what you need to fix?

If you could have someone with years of branding and web design experience, review your website and provide a detailed report of multiple assessment categories, with actionable steps, examples and resources to improve how your site functions, works and performs, how would that make you feel?  

How would it feel if you had the tools necessary to improve the overall look and feel of your site, your Google search-ranking, and your user experience?

It’s possible.  I can help you with this.

In my signature Bracken House Branding Website Audit process, I will thoroughly review your current branding and your entire website in detail.  Following my audit, I’ll provide a detailed written PDF report which will include a checklist (in understandable terms) with action steps, a video walkthrough of your site showing examples and resources (optional add-on), as well as a follow-up one hour consulting call if you wish (optional add-on).

What do I look for?

  • First Impressions (overall design, branding, logo, aesthetics)
  • Images (quality, formatting, optimization)
  • Content (quality, quantity, formatting)
  • Site Optimization (page speed, keywords, SEO)
  • User Experience (mobile friendlieness, does the user know what to do, is there a clear call to action)
  • Website Functionality (is your website working FOR you, do you have a lead-generating opt-in)

Ok, so how does this work?


Select your audit plan from the  choices below, and pay for your audit (pre-pay in full) using the button below.


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Complete the Website Audit questionnaire that you will be redirected to after your payment has gone through.


Sit back and relax while I scrub your website, write up your report and create your walk-through video.



Review your audit report and video, follow up with email questions and/or schedule your optional consulting call.

Take back the power of your!

I get it.

I know exactly how it feels to want to try and bootstrap your way through business, and do everything yourself.  I was once in that very same place.

After all, that is exactly how I taught myself so much about branding and web design over the past 12 years.  With multiple businesses of my own, and the curse of the DIY mentality, I had no choice but to teach myself everything I needed to know to create profitable and sustainable branding and websites.

I fully admit, I’m still learning, and as is the nature of the internet, I’m always evolving.

But a really smart mentor once told me, all you really need to know is 10% more than the person you’re trying to teach, and they’ll have something to learn from you.  I think it’s safe to say that I may know a bit more than 10%, and you’ll learn quite a bit from me.

So whether you have plans to invest in a web designer down the road, or you want to DIY your way through the trenches, the Bracken House Branding Website Audit will help you get there.

Let me help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t before you waste anymore time or money on your website.


Are you ready to get started?


Complete the Questionnaire

Upon completion of payment above, you will be redirected to the Questionnaire page which will need to be completed before I can get to work on your audit.  

Awesome, now sit back, relax and wait!

 Once you’ve submitted your payment and your questionnaire, please allow 7-10 business days to receive your deliverables, depending on what you’ve selected.

Once you receive your report and optional video, please spend a few days reviewing the results to create a list of potential follow-up questions or concerns.  You may email your questions to me, or optionally (if chosen) schedule a one hour follow-up consultation to go over everything.

If after receiving your audit report, you feel like you may want to work together on a website or brand re-design, I’d love to discuss this with you during our consultation or via email.

I will apply a  $150 or $300 credit towards the branding and web design project of your choice, depending on which plan you selected.