What is your Brand DNA: Distinctive Niche Advantage

Compelling and captivating brands start with clarity.

A clear & specific niche, combined with passion, and a thoughtfully crafted design, is what creates a brand that is memorable, shareable and different!  Because when you try to be everything to everyone, you actually become nothing to anyone.

When you have niche clarity and alignment, you are able to connect with your ideal audience & in turn, create massive momentum and greater profit with your business.

When people really care about the results that they are after, they will always buy
from a specialist, or the “expert”, rather than the generalist.

Why?  Because specialists are really, really good at that ONE thing, while generalists are sorta good at a lot of things, but are never the expert.

And here’s the thing – when you are super specific about the type of work that you do, you become more easily referable, memorable and shareable than others in your industry.


You’re an interior designer. But what makes you so special? Oh, you’re an interior designer for empty nesters who have just sold their 3,000 sqft. home, and downsized to a low maintenance condo in Florida, and now they have no idea how to decorate their new, smaller space.

Do you see how this makes you more MEMORABLE, SHAREABLE and NOTICEABLE?

You become known as the expert in designing small interiors for a specific demographic. You become THE person that people refer to when their friends ask about this specific pain point. Over time, you get better and better at working in this niche (you learn all the secrets of this tiny niche), and you eventually become so efficient that you create a process that will make each job less and less work for you, and thereby increasing your profit margin.

Once you’re seen as the expert you can start to charge a premium price for your service – and people will pay for it, because you are the expert.

You may even have a CORE branded offer that is packaged up all nicely with a bow, making it super easy for your audience to buy from you.

Let me ask you this – would you pay more for the general interior designer, or the one who is an expert in designing effective, efficient and gorgeous small space interiors?

Do you know your Brand DNA?

Your Distinctive Niche Advantage.

What sets you apart from everyone else? What are you known for?

This is such a fascinating topic to me.  There are so many amazing, practical, and well-loved tiny niches in the small business world, and there’s room for yours too!

So, how do you figure out YOUR specialty, YOUR expertise, YOUR niche?  

Start by brainstorming… Ask yourself what do you love to do, what does your audience ask for most often, what is the most lucrative & profitable service your provide, what is missing from the current market, etc…?

Nearly all brand niches will fall into one of three CORE categories: Money, Health, or Relationships.

  • Does your product or service help people save or make more money?
  • Do you help people improve their health, nutrition, energy, appearance?
  • Do you help people enhance their relationships, and personal connections?

There are 4 potential angles that you need to review which will help you hone in on how to make yourself be known as the go-to expert.

#1 – Your Target Market:
Who do you want to serve? Get super specific – is it a certain demographic or niche within a niche? Outline all of the characteristics that make your market unique.

Intentionally be more specific than just “a female entrepreneur” or “a boss mom” or “a teacher”.  What is her age, how old are her kids, what grade does she teach, what are her interests outside of her main “role”?  Does she love animals, does she live in a certain area of the world, is she an introvert or an extravert? Get specific!

#2 – Your Brand Character:
What do you stand against?  How do you go against what others in your industry are doing? Do you swear in your messaging? Do you have pink hair? What parts of your personality make you memorable & unique? Do you have a unique approach?

For example, my stance is that entrepreneurs just starting out should NOT hire a designer to create their branding. I believe that we all need to figure out a lot of our “branding” on our own, so unlike most designers, I’m a designer who preaches, ‘don’t hire a designer’.

#3 – CORE Branded Offer:
Can your brand be summed up into one MAIN offer that you become known for?  Some examples are: Marie Forleo’s B-School, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year, James Wedmore’s Business By Design. 

These online business owners all offer other services like consulting, masterminds, speaking, podcasts, etc. but they are known for their CORE branded offer.  Can you turn your service into a “flagship” offer that you become known for?

#4 – Branded Lead Magnet:
What free or inexpensive offer can you give your audience (every time), that will get people in the door to experience your CORE branded “product” or “service”?

For example, I run a 5-Day Challenge which gets people into my audience and into my world.  I run this every time I launch my signature product, and it’s something that I’ve become known for.  This is a free lead magnet product, so while it’s not generating profit, it IS helping me to become known for something, which leads into my profitable offer.

Now that you’ve assessed all 4 angles….

Combine at least 2 or more of the 4 angles to create a super specific niche/expert market segment that you can own in the market.

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