3 Things You Need To Create Your Own Mood Board

Do you have what it takes to create your own Brand Identity?

I have all of my clients start the branding process by creating a Brand Mood Board.

Mood Boards are a collage of various elements in the early stage of a project, in this case the project is creating the feel of your brand.

A mood board, when used for branding, is a collage of images that convey how you want your audience to FEEL when they experience your brand. The mood board becomes your guiding light as you create the rest of your brand graphics & visuals. As you create collateral, your website, social media graphics and other designs for your business going forward, you will always check in with your mood board, and ask yourself, “Is this aligned with how I want my clients to feel?”


As you look at the Mood Boards here, you will quickly realize that each one of them makes you feel a certain way, and gives off an essence or vibe about the brand that it belongs to.

That is exactly what a mood board is supposed to do!

If you’re unsure about creating your own Brand Mood Board, here are 3 ways to tell if you have it in you!


Reason 1 | You find yourself admiring other brands and day-dreaming about the day that you too will have a brand that is cohesive, professional and beautiful.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re already taking notice of other people’s brands, then you have it in you to create your own. You know what you like, you know what looks good, and you understand the importance of a cohesive brand and how it helps your brand stand out.

You just need to figure out what YOU like and translate that into something tangible that you can work with by pulling together what represents who you are, what you stand for, who you serve, and what makes you different. That’s the hardest part of creating a mood board so I encourage you to take notes — see what you like and don’t like, observe what inspires you, see who you want to know more about, and use those notes to compile your list.

Reason 2 | You can visualize in your mind how you want others to feel and perceive your brand when they experience it.

You’ve felt this from other brands. That warm, cozy feeling that you experience when you walk into your local coffee shop on a crisp fall day. The radiant glow that you feel on your skin and the salty air that you taste and smell when you watch the sun setting on the ocean. The sophistication and elegance that you feel when you get dressed up for a big night out at an expensive restaurant.

This is all crucial for you to bring into your own brand experience.

You need to take what lights you up and create that into your branding. Maybe you’re more bright and loud versus light and airy, so use that insight you already have to create a feeling that you want people to experience when they land on your branding.

Translate your “vibe” into something that can be seen, smelled, tasted, heard, and felt by others.

Reason 3 | You’re passionate about the work that you’re doing and you know that it needs to be shared so that you can have a greater impact.

You have a burning desire within you to get your brand and message out so that more people can learn about what you’re doing and benefit from it.  You want to serve your audience, and you know that in order to do that you need to connect with them on a more personal level.

You want to inspire others to take action and do the thing they need to do, to alleviate their pain points.

No matter if you’re serving health coaches, Etsy sellers, life coaches, virtual assistants, or whoever else your ideal client is. You want to let them know with your brand that you’re speaking right to them and that you can be the one to help them.

If you’ve answered “yes!” to the 3 questions above, or even if you’re just curious about whether or not you have what it takes to create your own brand identity, you can get started TODAY!

I’ve helped thousands of women fall in love with their brand AND create it themselves. I will walk you through exactly how to do this so you don’t have to worry about colors, fonts, images, or technical skills anymore.