How to write your Value Proposition Statement?

Let me guess, all you really want to do is create your brand…  but everyone is telling you that BEFORE you can start playing around with the fun stuff, you need to first get “clear” on your brand story…

Raise your hand if that’s you.

Ok, I’ll raise my hand and call myself out as one of those people who are telling you these crazy things. 🙈

Yes, it’s all true… Typically, before creating the visual elements of any new brand, you’d want to start out with some deep discovery work, and hone in on your underlying brand message, which consists of your brand story, your why, your core values & beliefs, your vision & mission, your ideal client, and more!

But girl, let’s get one thing straight. 

There is no need for you to shell out thousands on a brand strategist who is going to ask you a million questions about your core values and client persona’s.

While getting clear on those things IS great, it’s not necessary when you’re just starting out and figuring things out.

So I’ll also raise my hand and show you a super quick way to figure out what this is, and how to do it.

To make this super simple for you, I’ve put together a simple little formula that’s going to get you from confused to confident!

Are you ready?  

Because simplicity is one of my core brand values, I’ve come up with a few simple exercises that will lead you to establish a similar visual brand outcome. You’re going to identify some key brand words that, when put together, will work to reflect how your brand visuals should look & feel.

So first, what is a Value Proposition Statement (VPS)?

Well, it basically answers the following three questions in sentence form:

  • What do you do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • Why do they need it (or what benefit does it provide them)?

The idea is to summarize those three questions into ONE succinct sentence, rather than multiple sentences, phrases or a paragraph.  You want the reader to be able to quickly identify what you do, and whether or not you are the person they need to help them with their problem.

Are you the solution to THEIR specific problem?

The more specific you can get about your niche, product, service or benefit, the better – but please don’t overthink it, and don’t try to be so creative and wordy that you lose your reader’s attention or confuse them.

Trust me, their eyes will glaze over.

Use my example below as your framework or starting point.

EXAMPLE: We are a lifestyle brand that caters to growth-oriented and transformative female entrepreneurial groups, teams and retreats, by providing outdoor adventures and activities, with the underlying intention of inspiring participants to move through fear & limiting beliefs, foster lifetime friendships & connections, and improve overall feelings of personal empowerment.
*** Yours does NOT have to be this long…

Download the accompanying worksheet, The Anatomy of a VPS, for a “plug n play” formula that helps you get this done!

Once you’re done, put it to the test…

  • Does it clearly explain the product or service that you offer?
  • Does it identify your ideal client avatar – be specific!
  • Does it convey the benefit of working with you?

The FINAL Test – is it written as ONE sentence?

Congratulations!  You’ve just completed one of the essential 10 steps in the branding process!!

Next step – create your Brand Mood Board!  Grab my FREE Templates below to get started.